Jimmy McDonald was simply born to be an artist. At just 12 years old he sold his first piece of artwork and he never stopped! Bringing a vision to life in the form of art and putting raw emotion into each piece he creates has given him the reputation of being one of the most unique and versatile artist there are today. He paints various forms of art that provide his customers with plenty of quality pieces no matter what unique taste that person may have. Jimmy's style ranges from bold, bright, cheerful, simplistic and complex. 

Currently he is designing a new romance series that utilizes figurative sculptures, painting and photography combined into one. Each piece is one of a kind and if that was not enough he is also creating castings of this new series that will be available in limited additions. 

The lovers of Jimmy's wide-array of artwork will have the opportunity to purchase one of his pieces through one of his representing galleries. The passion, emotion and vision in the work Jimmy creates will be something extraordinary to hang on your wall and enjoy for years to come. 

Noteworthy Accomplishments:
By invitation only Jimmy was invited to participate in top national juried art shows where he actually was awarded the honor of being the featured artist!
Recognized as one of the top three artist for an art exhibit at the Bayou City Art Festival. 
Jimmy's flair for creativity has landed him in several magazines, publications and even television! You can find Jimmy McDonald in The Houston Chronicle, That Texas Magazine as well as being interviewed on CBS Channel 11 by Jonathan Walton.