Silvia Pinto Souza is an independent Houston based artist. Born in Colombia, South America, she completed her studies in Architectural Draftsmanship at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Bogotá and then followed with a diploma in Art and Design from the Byam Shaw School of Art in London, England. She continued her art training with courses of photo printing at the Slade School of Art. While living and working as an artist in Brazil she took printing courses at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and the School of Visual Arts at Parque Lage. She worked on several techniques such as Lithography, Etching, Silkscreen and Woodcut.  For more than two decades she has devoted herself exclusively to painting. Throughout her career, Silvia Pinto Souza has received several awards and honors from various institutions and has had many solo and group exhibitions in the USA and other countries.  Her works are in collections in several states and countries throughout the world.  More detailed information about the artist’s whereabouts is found in Silvia Pinto Souza’s resume.

Silvia Pinto Souza paints in themes and her body of work consists of  various Series such as: Mosaic Paintings, Leaves, Florals and Nature, Still Life, People and Pets, Urban and Rural Landscapes, Golf, Pueblos Blancos, Barns, Primitive and Abstracts. The great variety of themes in her work is the result of observations and data recorded not only in trips to various countries and states, but also in daily life experiences: “Beautiful images with intense contrast of color, light, shadow, texture and shape are enough to make my senses vibrate.”  Particularly the Series such as Mosaic Paintings, Nature and Florals reflect Silvia Pinto Souza’s sensibility and admiration for nature. In the Golf Series Silvia Pinto Souza is able to capture the surroundings of fairways, greens and bunkers with the beauty of flowers, plants, trees, ponds and wildlife. The Golf course paintings by Silvia Pinto Souza are a praise of the environment with exuberant vegetation as well as a way of interpreting the sensation felt as one walks on the green grass of a golf course.

Silvia Pinto Souza sees herself as an artist whose goal is to bring pleasant and positive thoughts to one’s mind; with her art she believes in giving pleasure to the senses with the sight of an image that brings comfort to the soul. It can be a roof, a plant, a shadow, a leaf, a sky, a flower, a barn, a fruit; it doesn’t matter how complex or how simple the image is, as long as it brightens the viewer’s heart.  Her favorite medium is Acrylic paint. She loves water based paints which give her, as she says, more freedom to stretch the properties of the paint to the limits.  Silvia Pinto Souza likes experimenting with countless washes of very thin diluted paint, building up in this manner the various values of color she looks for.  Collage and textures are also important mediums of support to create on the canvas the diverse bases she uses on her paintings.

Silvia Pinto Souza’s art works are displayed in private collections in  many homes and offices  in various countries. The colorful art pieces of the  Master of Color brighten and decorate with their  rich vibrant colors and textures a wide variety of spaces such as lobbies, waiting, consulting, meeting, living, dining, bed and family rooms all around. They have also inspired fashion since her themes are well suited to be used in textiles and accessories.