Eyfells, revolutionary sculptor, art professor at the University of Central Florida for over 30 years, one-time architect and son of an Icelandic landscape painter, is known to many in Central Florida as the Grandfather of Sculpture. Born in 1923 in Reykjavik, Iceland, he studied at several  universities earning a bachelor's degree in architecture in 1953 and later a master's degree in fine art in 1964. In 1949, Jóhann married Kristin Halldorsdottir, former Icelandic model and dress designer, who made her own career side by side with her husband mastering in fine art, sculpture and photography. Jóhann worked as an architect, artist and teacher in Iceland and the United States until 1969, when he and Kristin moved to Florida. There he continued to work as an artist and professor of art at the University of Central Florida.

Jóhann began producing abstract sculptures in the 60's based on his experiments in chemistry and physics, utilizing the various transformational properties of metals, especially aluminum, iron and copper. He calls his work "receptual" based on his concept of receptualism, a theory he developed to explain the essence of his work. He has received much recognition throughout his career including an invitation from the government of Iceland to represent his homeland at the 45th Venice Biennale and inclusions in the 9-museum traveling exhibition "What Nature Provides" and the United Nations' "World Artists at the Millennium".