Selected Solo Exhibitions

2009 “Solo Exhibition,” Wally Workman Gallery, Austin, TX

“Solo Exhibition,” One9Zero6 Gallery, San Antonio, TX

“Solo Exhibition,” El Sol Studios, San Antonio, TX

2008 “31 Monotypes,” Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

“Stars Fall From the Dog's Mouth,” Carl Jung Center Gallery, Houston, TX

“Walk with Me,” El Sol Studios, San Antonio, TX

2007 “Inside Out,” FLOAT Gallery, Oakland, CA

2006 “Featured Artist,” Glashoff Gallery, Suisun, CA

2006-2003 “Spring Exhibition,” Hunters Point, San Francisco, CA

2005 “Broken Forms,” Meineke 27, Berlin, Germany

2004 “Madonnas of the '90's,” Amaru Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2004-2003 “Current,” Underground Optical, San Francisco, CA

2003 “Recent Works,” 66balmy gallery, San Francisco, CA

2003-2002 “Continuum,” Water Barge Restaurant, Vallejo, CA

2002, 2000 “Collage and News,” Holman/Finfrock Studios, San Francisco, CA

1999 “Santos and Stories,” 2C Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Selected Juried Exhibitions

2009 “Hello Again,” Gallery M Squared, Houston, TX

2009-06 * “Annual Lessedra World Art Mini Print,” Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria Catalogue

2007 “Heat,” Monkdogz Urban Art, Chelsea, NYC

“The Day After Tomorrow-The Next Tortured Genius” Monkdogz Urban Art, Chelsea, NY

(31 international artists)

“Robots Are Art,” FLOAT Gallery, Oakland, CA

2007-2006 “International Exhibition of Neosymbolism” Gallery G, Olomouc, Czech Republic /

Symbol X, Rahuset, Copenhagen, Denmark / International Center of Austin,

Austin, TX, USA

* “Annual Lessedra World Art Mini Print,” Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria Catalogue

Jurors: Atanas Vassilev, Bulgaria, Assistant Professor, Department of Art and Education, Sofia University /

Marie Bukowski, USA, Assistant Professor of Art, Louisiana Tech School of Art / Karen Oremus, Canada,

Professor Zayed University, UAE / Monica Van Dam, The Netherlands, Owner Gallery kadeKUNST,

Amsterdam / IJBer-IJda Smits, The Netherlands, Artist and Philosopher

2006 * “The American Juried Art Salon,” Online Exhibition Honorable Mention

Jurors: The American Juried Art Salons' Board of Jurists

“Love,” Evolving Art Gallery, Vallejo, CA

Jurors: Celeste Smeland, Executive Director, Vallejo Community Arts Foundation / Sandra Lee, Director and

Curator, Evolving Art Gallery / Stephen Namara, Artists/Curator

“Psyche Sense Spirit,” SomArts Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2005 “Besson /Finfrock-Neosymbolists from America,” Galerie G. Olomouc, Czech Republic

“First Anniversary Show,” Oval Gallery, Little Rock, AR

* “Art Now,” Global Online Exhibition Award of Distinction

Jurors: Christopher Chamber, Editor of World of Art Magazine / Marta Dimitrescu, Director of

and Editorial Director of World of Art Magazine / Andrea Pagnez, Venice Biennial curator

“Americans in Paris,” Invitational, Le Génie de la Bastille, Paris, France

“Current Works of Cheryl Finfrock,” In Cooperation w/ US Bank Arts Benicia Presents, Benicia, CA

2004 “ArtWalk at Embarcadero Center,” San Francisco, CA

Jurors: Glen Helfand, Art Critic / Gary Morgret, Boston Properties / Mary Orth, Haley Martin Gallery

* “42nd Annual Juried Art Show,” Fairfield Visual Arts Assoc., Fairfield, CA Selected Award

Jurors: Bigannes Livingstone, Artist / Leroy Wheeler Parker, Artist and Professor of Fine Art at San Jose State

University / Dara Solomon, Curatorial Assistant, Collections Berkeley Art Museum

2003 “Internet Art Gallery,”

2001 “Selections,” Juried Exhibition of work by 20 San Francisco Artists, Herbst Exhibition Hall

on the Presido, San Francisco, CA

Jurors: Janet Bishop, SF MOMA / David Bonetti, San Francisco Chronicle / Stephen Wirtz, Stephen Wirtz Gallery

Selected Group Exhibitions

2011 Ariodante Contemporary Art and Craft Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2010 “Color Crazy,” Featuring Cheryl Finfrock & Terrell Powell, Kirchman Gallery, Johnson City, TX

2010 “30th Anniversay Exhibit,” Wally Workman Gallery, Austin, TX

“Works by Cheryl Finfrock & Charlie Terrell,” East Austin Art Gallery, Austin, TX

“Jabberwocky,” Works by Cheryl Finfrock & Liz Mamorsky, FLOAT Gallery, Oakland, CA

2009 “The Moose Must Persuade the Duck,” FLOAT Gallery, Oakland, CA

“Feast,” Wally Workman Gallery, Austin, TX

2007 Arthouse of Ionic Futurism, Austin, TX

“10” x 10”,” Paris/San Francisco Exchange Artists, Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco, CA

“Grand Affair,” Wally Workman Gallery, Austin, TX

“Alice in Wonderland,” Wally Workman Gallery, Austin, TX

2006 “Figuration,” Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, British Columbia

“X-ray, Yankee, Zulu,” Monkdogz Gallery, Chelsea District, New York, NY

2006-1994 “ArtSpan Exhibition,” Somar Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2005-2004 “Spring Preview,” Studio Gallery, San Francisco, CA

“Vallejo Symphony Art Auction,” Vallejo, CA

2004 “Ballard ARTWalk,” Ballard Neighborhood, Seattle, WA

“Small Stuff,” 66balmy, San Francisco, CA

“Benicia Print Show,” ARTS BENICIA, Benicia, CA

“Art Auction,” Center for Live Art, Berkeley, CA (featuring David Ireland)

Perdurabo Art Representation, London, UK

2003 “Then and Now,” Vallejo Artists’ Guild, Vallejo, CA

“Silent Auction,” Fundraiser for Poets in the Schools, Mill Valley, CA

2002 “Holiday Show,” 591 Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1998 “Busted,” Crucible Gallery, San Francisco, CA

“Lovestruck,” Invitational Group Exhibition, Gallery Luscombe, San Francisco, CA

1997 “Labyrinth of the Dead,” Mission Cultural Center, San Francisco, CADreams inspire my work. Images ranging from public domain icons to archaic glyphs fascinate me. With high voltage colors I search for a visual language of universal archetypes. The creation and deconstruction of this language occurs through the physical act of painting. In my recent work, color, texture, and layering become the psychology of expression. Fauvism, Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, and Carl Jung influence me. Specific influences are Edvard Munch, James Ensor, Paul Klee, Georges Rouault, Rainer Fetting, the CoBra painters and Jean-Michel Basquiat.