about Eric Krause

I am fascinated by objects that reveal their history through their imperfections. The surface cracks, damages and consequent repairs to these objects are the battle scars of their lives in the world and display a unique narrative. I make my sculptures so that they too can have their own narratives and histories. 

I've discovered I have an affinity for concrete. Typically this mundane building material is cold, hard and unyielding. I have found that by working with the pits, holes and cracks left after forming, and by introducing color through staining, I can soften the hardness and begin to express my feelings and artistic interests.

It's the mistakes and unanticipated results of this sculptural process that are the most rewarding. I prefer my sculptures reveal the marks of their making and so suggest their own life's journey. In this way perhaps, concrete might transcend its status as inert base material and be used as an expression of my humanity.